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Hi asianbeauties, Bob from Chicago here. Can’t believe how many great women there are from asia. I’ve been on the lookout for native asian girls for a while and have my hands full here! I just love tradition and purity of asian women and they’re so sexy. I’ve looked at quite a few asian singles sites but yours easily has the most attractive ladies. Other than all the great features I’ve enjoyed, the site is just so easy to use. Main thing I wanted to say is although I’ve only been here a short while I’ve found a great girl – Lily from Suzhou, China. When I got in touch she responded straight away! I’m now planning to go meet her. I know we’re so far apart and don’t want to get carried away but I can’t help thinking of her being my wife here. Sure would be a sweet marriage! You’ve got a great service so keep it up – asian dating at its best. Thanks. Bob – Chicago, Illinois

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