The Reason Why Chinese Women Make Better Wives Than American Women?

10:40 |

Recently we've received comments from one of our members regarding how differently his American ex-wife and Chinese girlfriend reacted after he told them his team had lost a national competition. The response from the ex was “All that expensive training and practices were pointless then,” while his Chinese girlfriend said “Dear, although you haven't won the match, but in my heart you are the best. I love you.”

So this gentleman came to the conclusion that Chinese women are totally supportive and trustful, while American women are judgmental and sarcastic. Of course, it is unfair to generalize about that because women are women no matter where they are. There are the good and there are also the bad, too. However, Chinese women may have certain good traits which aren't commonly seen in American women, which can make them more attractive to a lot of American men.
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