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Home Made Energy – The Best Diy Offer!

Nov. 2010 — New video salesletter just beat our 2-year control! Earn $70.5 With Back-End Sale. Choose The Energy Offer That Super Affiliates Promote – Today! For aff resources,

1 solar/wind product for 2 years!

Number 1 product in the niche since July 2008 We pay 75% + bonus. We have huge affiliate resources. We take this business seriously. Start now by creating your custom affiliate …

GreenDIYenergy (Top Converting) Solar,Wind Energy Diy Guide

Industry Leader with top quality Diy guides & Videos. Refunds below 1.5%. Get paid on upsell ($79 comm) Plus up to $6 bonus per sale. Solar Energy, Wind Turbines, Green Membership, Energy Audits, etc. For more info,

Power4Home — Powered By – *Proven Products

The Highest Converting Home Energy Site – Earn $79.85 w/ Back End Sale – Join Today! 100% Commissions + Rewards $$$ Professional Copy & Design $$$ Premium Customer Support, Low Returns. Complete Affiliate …

TeslaSecret – making history on Cb!

New video salesletter – 22.5% improvement. Record-low refund rate due to new bonuses on thank-you page. Others brag about high conversion rates. We test. Affiliate resources…

Energy ~ Nikola Tesla Secret ~ 9.79% Conv ~ 100% Comm of $110/Sale

We Promoted the Top Energy Products – The Result is that « Nikola Tesla Secret » Boosts the Highest Conversion Rates By Far at 9.79%! (Proof In Affiliate Area) ~ Sceptic? Try For Yourself! ~ Affiliate Area …

Convert2EV: Build An Electric Car, 75% Commission

Attention Super-affiliates: You Can Use Your Own Landing Page Or Disable Our Exit Script. Top Affiliates Converting At 6%, Refund Rate Below 2%, No Site Leaks, No Opt-In. Ideal for Sites or Lists About Autos, Vehicles, Green Living, Alternative Energy.

GreenEcoClub (New) Membership Site (Solar and more

Finally! A membership site in the Renewable Energy/Green Niche. Over 3,000 members strong, converts great. *Do Not use HopLink Below* Go to Commission: 75% frontend and 25% on membership

« Green Biz Opp » Offer – New

The « Business Opportunity » niche is Red Hot. Now it is Green Hot! Be different and offer Green Biz Opp and profit. High Converting with Upsells and Top Commission Payouts. For affiliate support email

Create a 1kw Solar Energy System with less than $800

I have created a new product on how to build solar panels and how to install a 1kw system on a roof. 4 solar panels, charge controller, deep cycle battery and inverter to get 220 V.Great Conversion rate.


EnergyByTesla (new) – Hotest Free Energy Product in 2011!

This is the Future! Professional Product, Sales Letter and Design. High Conversion Rate, We Pay 75% from $49.99 and $96 (Upsell), Join Today, while it’s Not too Late.

Electricity4Gas – Electric Car Conversion Manual

We have Proof of sales. Affiliates converting at 5% (1 in 20 visitors purchase) or better. 75% Commission. $33 Per Sale. Big market with easy sales to be made.

Diy Solar Water Heater

Great converting guide for building a solar water heater. 75% payout on 2 price options = $20/$13 easy dollars for you. Up sell built-in makes for immediate $/sale increase.

Gas2Electricity- Convert Your Gas Car To Electric Power. 33.92/Sale

New Design!! Converts at 1:30. A Huge –33.92 Dollar Per Sale!– Professional Sales Copy And Graphics! 75% Commissions! Awesome Product For People Looking For Electric Cars (Go Green!)…

Solar Energy for the Survival Market

Killer salesletter and conversions. Top-notch product (8 step by step videos + hot bonus). Good way to squeeze more $$$ from your « renewable energy » traffic.

Phone 4 Energy – New Energy Niche

Earn Thousands by Selling this Product in the New Energy Niche of using your Phone to Generate Electricity. We are giving out our $1000/Day Campaign’s Keywords at Http:// ~ ~ Sells Like Crazy

MySolarPlans (Get 75% Monthly!) Diy Solar Panel Guide + Membership

We pay a whopping 75% on Front-End, Monthly Recurring And Upsell. Test your Solar traffic on this product and you will be shocked.

Water to hydrogen booster – Save 50% on gasoline!

Convert Your Car to run on Water and Gasoline to Double Your Mileage! Lowest price! High Conversion Rates!

Build a Wind Generator and Solar Panels -now converting at 1:40

Best converting site in this category, adwords ready, over 3 hours of video for customers. Affiliate tools, and personal help for new affiliates, sign up 4 our newsletter at or email us at

GreenDIYenergy German Solar,Wind Energy Diy Guide

German version of the industry leader with top quality Diy guide & videos now available, get cheaper PPC traffic


New Product – Recondition Battery .com – 75% Commission

Best product in the battery repair niche with a great sales page. This product converts very well, especially with a nice presell. Sells to solar/wind power traffic too! Great product for a mailout! ) Learn more… – Electric Conversion Made Easy – Hot Seller

Brand New *Electric Car Conversion Product* Awesome Conversion Rates – Affiliates Earn 50% Both On Front End And Upsell. Affiliate Tools Here…

Save On Home Energy | #1 Home Energy Savings Manual

Cut Energy Waste to the Bone, Go Green, and Lower Your Utility Bills by up to 50%. Learn how to apply Advanced Conservation Methods and Products to Your Existing Home. Makes solar, wind, and other renewable energy systems cost half as much!

RestoreBatteries – the ultimate energy back-end offer

Battery Reconditioning: The perfect back-end offer if you’re promoting panels, magnets, water cars. Top-converting salesletter written by pro copywriter beats any similar offer on the market.

Fast Electric Bike – Diy 50mph Electric Bike

New product for an untapped niche on how to build a 50mph electric bicycle by modifying standard ebike components. Very low refund request. Great for electric car,solar, wind power, and home energy lists you may have. No other product like it!

Dry Cell Plans

An indepth guide on how to build a dry cell electrolyzer. Includes full color Cad drawings, video tutorials, installation instructions, & more. Also includes a bonus, Micro Torch instructions and video guide. Save fuel, decrease emissions, & more! HHO

Sky4Energy~ New Free Energy Product~ 100% Commission~ 1st of Its Kind!

Brand New Free Energy Product that Generates Free Energy From Radiant Energy (Not Magnet Energy) ~ This is a 100% New Energy Niche with 10%-20% Conversions (See Video in Affiliate Area for Proof)

Green Power Easy – The Easy Guide to Solar and Wind Power

Green Power Easy is the Easiest guide to Solar and Wind Energy on the Planet. Convert your entire home to green power, and eliminate your power bill!

Convierte Tu Auto a Electrico (75% comision

Producto Nuevo! Perfecto para paginas web sobre energia alternativa, vida ecologica, o entusiastas de los autos, carros, coches, vehiculos. Recursos para afiliados…

Are you promoting Build Solar Panels or Wind Generators. Send a promotion to your current customer list, converting at 1:16. Wide open niche for article marketers, Great keywords.


HoJo Motor! High Converting, Hottest Magnetic Generator guide on Cb! (voir Mobile)

Make 75% commission on this high converting Magnetic Generator Guide! Setting new sales records! Many top affiliates are signing up to promote our guide. Jump on board while it’s still early! Learn more here…

Energy2Green – Wind And Solar Power System – *#1 Home Energy Program

Highest Converting Home Energy Product – Earn $81.62 With Our Backend Sale – Join Today! 75% Commissions $$ Professional Sales Letter And Design! Quality Customer Support, Low Refund Rate. Affiliate Material At …

How To Guide For Rebuilding Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery

This is a how to guide that will help many Prius owners rebuild their own hybrid batteries! It is a one of a kind guide that can help Prius owners save $4,000 on their Prius battery repair! This is a Very good product, and an easy sell!

SolarHeaterGuides (Top Converting) Solar Air Heater Diy Guide

Top Quality How-To Guide on building Solar Air Heaters. Get paid on upsell ($79 comm) Plus up to $6 bonus per sale. For more info, see…

Carbon Credit Business

988 Manual that teaches individuals how to profit from the carbon credit and global warming craze. Product has little competition and is in high demand. Lots of satisfied customers.

Home Made Power Plant

Save Money on Electricity with Renewable Energy (Solar and Wind). 200% Profit From Your Advertising! Because We Aim For #1 We Try Harder. Tested Sales Process, Crazy Conversions , 75% Commissions. Affiliate Tools …

Wood Pellets Guide :

75% commission, New Sales Page! Less than 0.5% Refunds in over 1500 sales. PelHeat manufacture small scale mobile pellet machines. This guide developed by PelHeat shows how wood pellets are made.

Diy Home Solar Power – Make solar power

ProGasSaver – Video Instructions – Run Car On Water

Now $47, Best value for money! Video and manual intructions showing how To Run A Car On Water and Gas + Bonuses! Make money now! Big 75% Commisions!

Wind Power, Wind Turbine Blades, Home Wind Turbines-75% comm.

Homemade Windmills And Free Deep Cycle Batteries Make a 1,000 watt up to 3,000 Watt Wind Turbines. Wind Power for the masses.


how to make a solar panel -home wind power generator

Affiliates Wanted To Promote / Sell, Superior Quality Diy guides & Videos. Very Low Refunds. Hugh 75% Comm. Rank Google. Convert My Product into Sales. Earn Easy Money $$$. Solar Energy – Solar Panels – Wind Power.

Simple Hybrid System-Super New Run Your Car On Water Guide for 2009!

Affiliates are loving this sales page!Mega Hot conversions,Big Payouts,an Affiliates Dream! Make $33-55 per sale with the Best Converting Run Your Car On Water Guide! Go here for affiliate tools…

Energy Audit Diy – New Green Product

Energy Audits are very popular and great for the Diy Green Market. Promote on PPC or to your Green Email List. We have Downsell, Upsell and strong conversions. For affiliate support, email

New Free Energy Product – July 2010 – First Offer Of This Type

Take This Offer Now And Make The Most Of The Money As A New Entry. Conversions From 1:10 To 1:40. It’s Not A Magnet Offer – It’s Even Better – Ambient Vibration Electricity Generator. Start Making Money Now …

Electricity – Make It, Dont Buy It.

Are You Tired Of Outrageous Electric Utility Bills? This Book Shows You How To Set Up Your Own Power Station In Your Back Yard.

Diyhotwater – Solar Hot Water

The Green Clean Book

75% commission rate | New Higher Price! | New sales page with excellent conversions | No other product like it online | Best/Only natural health/homemade cleaning recipes book on CB | Unadvertised bonus make refunds virtually nonexistant!

The Newest and Best Diy Energy Guide Yet! 75% Commission!

This is the newest and best Diy Energy Guide yet,! The best guide because it includes the best diagrams and great sales page. With 75% commission, you will be making a ton of money in this very hot niche.

Home Made Energy – Hot Product, Best Diy Offer!

Home-Made Renewable Solar and Wind Energy that pays out 75% Commission! Highest conversions in the niche and 2 upselss *Earn up to $73/sale*. Affiliates …

Green Living Kit

Very unique product in the renewable energy niche. 12 Diy guides including Solar and Wind. You need this product on your review pages to show visitors some diversity. See conversion screen shots at …

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