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Rocket Spanish! *New* Higher Payout!

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Rocket French- *New* $150 Max Payout!

The No. 1 « Learn French » product in CB for 5 years! Cutting Edge Product! High Conversions! Earn up to $150 per sale!  email or call 1-800-798-8318.

Rocket Chinese! Brand New Product

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Rocket Italian! Brand New Product

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Rocket German! New Product!

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Synergy Spanish

How to turn 138 Spanish words into effective Spanish Communication

Rocket Japanese! Great new product!

Earn A Minimum Of 70% Per Sale Of Our Rocket Japanese Product! Cutting Edge Product! High Conversions! Earn up to $150 per sale! email or call 1-800-798-8318. Check out all the o

The American Accent Audio Course

The American Accent Course is a 16 hour audio program that helps non-native English speakers lose their foreign accent.

Rocket Arabic! The Newest Rocket Languages Product!

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Verbarrator – Spanish Verb Conjugation Software

Learning-Spanish Software. Top CB affiliate earned $14,003.59 in just 7 days. Let’s log-in and see his CB account stats and find out how he did it by watching camtasia video…


Learning Spanish Like Crazy.

Now paying the highest affiliate commission in the Languages Subcategory. Affiliates Now earn *new* 70% – $100 Max Payout. We also have the only Learning Spanish product on the Net that teaches Real Latin American Spanish – Fast and Easy.

Rocket Hindi! The Newest Rocket Languages Product!

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Rocket Languages- American Sign Language

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Learn How To Speak Spanish.

A 31-Day Course That Shows You How To Communicate In Spanish Using Thousands Of Spanish Words You Already Know.

Learn Arabic with a 10 Book & Software Arabic Language Learning Course

Now paying 75%! 1000s of people search Google to learn arabic everyday! Killer pitch page… for affiliate tools.

LearnChinesefromMovies Chinese Language Learning Program.

Learn all the most common spoken Chinese Characters (2000-3000) « passively » by watching The Greatest Chinese Movies Ever Made. Mix and match subtitles. Watch on any Dvd player, iPhone, Pda and more.

Speak Spanish Fast! **Pays 75

2008/10/30: Lfow Spokesmodel added. Cool Learn Spanish Language Product…

Bullet Japanese

Converting like crazy!!! Pays 75%.

60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet

Start selling the leading book for learning the thai alphabet. Essential for living and travelling in Thailand and you take a huge percentage commission on every sale! The book enables people to effortlessly learn Thai letters, after only a few minutes!

Learning Spanish Like Crazy – Nive Dos

Take your Spanish to the next level with Learning Spanish Like Crazy – Nivel Dos. Learn Real Latin American Spanish Fast And Easy


Nihongo Japanese Video lesson

Interactive Japanese Video lessons! High Searches, Check Out Learn Japanese In Overture Or Google. With the online Japanese video lesson, affiliate get 70% commission!

Ultimate Language Secrets

Language Experts Masterpiece. High Conversion Rate, High Commission And Raving Reviews By Readers And Experts Alike.

Streetwise Spanish

How To Easily and Confidently Speak Vibrant Streetwise Spanish In Just One Week! 60% payout!!

Speak Easy Thai

Software to learn Thai. 39000 word dictionary, over 5000 pictures, more than 5000 sounds recorded by native speakers. Fun and easy to use. Includes 350 page grammar ebook.

70%=$31.60! Essays Corrected & Explained. Learn from Other’s Mistakes.

Learning from the mistakes of other students and duplicating their success is a revolutionary instructional approach. « Super Amazing Essays » is a unique and powerful compilation of essays written by real students, corrected and meticulously explained.

Learn to Speak English Fluently

Speak English confidently. Unique product with hundreds of situational conversations. The market for learning English in Beijing alone is $2.8 billon per annum. Affiliates tap into this huge English learners market. Earn 60% commission on every sale.

How To Learn Any Language.

On Your Own, As Quickly And Easily As Possible! Fantastic New E-book Shows You How To Learn Any Language In Just Six Months.

Russian Language Course for Lovers

Great commissions – 65%!! This is the Russian language course specifically for dating and relationships. It solves the huge language barrier problem in Russian dating. Target audience are highly motivated and this product is essential to their success.

Learn Japanese Hiragana Easy

75% Commissions! Selling like hot cakes! Get on this one now! Help customers learn Hiragana. Affiliate resources include pre written content, rebrandable Pdfs, the works!!! Go to …

Rocet Vocabulary: English Vocabulary video lessons for ESL Students

New 50% Commission! — Rocket Vocabulary is a video software specially designed for ESL Students in order to improve their English vocabulary. If you have a non-English speaking traffic, it’s a unique product to promote!


Learning Italian Like Crazy

Learn how to speak Italian with a fun and easy method. Affilates earn 75%.

Easy French Lessons

Need to learn French? Having problems? Feel Joy and Enthusiasm while learning new languages, – the #1 solution to learning French…Quickly and Easily Learn French in just minutes a day!

How To Teach English Online and Get Money

You can now teach English online by using Skype, Msn Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and/or Google Talk. Teach English online to foreign English students and get money after they purchase one of your live one-on-one Internet English lessons or conversations.

Learn Jamaican Audio Lessons

Learn to speak Jamaican Patois using audio lessons.

Surefire German Learning Package.

Learn German In Just 20 Minutes Each Day.

Surefire French Learning Package.

Learn French In Just 20 Minutes Each Day.

Fsi Spanish Level 1, 2, 3, And 4.

Quickly And Easily Master Begginer To Advanced Spanish. Instant Download Just $97. Earn 75% (Over $61.

Ginger – The Leading Converting Grammar & Spell Checker

Promote our leading Grammar & Spell Checker that helps the user improve his English, enjoy high conversion rates, up to 50% comissions and dedicated Affiliate support.

Surefire Spanish Learning Package.

Learn Spanish In Just 20 Minutes Each Day.

Real Brazilian Portuguese

Learn Brazilian Portuguese fast by focusing on how the language is spoken in Real life. With these techniques anyone can be communicating within days. Brazil is hosting 2014 world cup and 2016 Olympics so it’s a great time to learn Brazilian Portuguese.


LingoBasics – Learn Spanish, French, Italian, German and Japanese.

Affiliates – make money! Win prizes: MacBook Air, iPod Touch and others! $27/sale commission! …

The Freelance Translators Ultimate List of Translation Agencies

This guide contains a listing of nearly 400 translation agencies all over the world looking for freelance translators (as well as interpreters and proofreaders). Also included is an appendix with 40 tips for freelancers on how to find more clients.

Teach English, Tutor Clients, and Create Compelling Conversations!

Tutoring English can be satisfying and profitable - with the right resources! Compelling Conversations sells an excellent conversation book for ESL teachers, tutors, and advanced learners. Help people develop English conversation skills – anywhere!

Emanuels School of English

Successful on-line course to learn english fast and easy. English is the #1 language of the world, 20 million searches monthly.

Become An English Conversation Tutor.

Featuring over 140 pages of advice, information and exercises for native English speakers, this ebook will help you start your own profitable private English conversation tutoring business. The step by step guide can get you started immediately!

The American Pronunciation Course

This 15 week online American pronunciation course is designed for people who have learned English as a teenager or adult and would like to improve their pronunciation. Ideal for international professionals and more advanced ESL students.

Surefire Italian Learning Package.

Learn Italian In Just 20 Minutes Each Day.

How To Learn French

Do you want to learn French but you don’t know where to begin? Then you need, How to Learn French – an expert step-by-step guide for beginners that will teach you How to learn French fast. Affiliates join here 75% …

General Linguistics Learn Spanish

High payouts and an easy sell: the revolutionary way to learn Spanish quickly! 1. Comprehensive 2. Addictive 3. Portable 4. Affordable 30 Downloadable one-on-one Spanish classes. Start learning Spanish today with Bueno, entonces…

77 Tips To Better English Using the Internet

Learning English Online: Spend Time Learning Not Searching! Try a different approach. Tips And resources for second-language learners who want to better their English using the Internet. French version now also available.

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